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General Engineer Needed for Voltage regulators

HSDT AUTO offers a
competitive salary and an excellent working environment.


• Feed and maintenance of company’s data systems with OE information: interchanges, specification, pictures, test data.
• Produce documents to support the new products introduction as unit or as a family. 
• Prepare written recommendations based on conflicting components of product information
• Lead the case to resolution using a knowledge based direction. 
• In charge of periodic product evaluation against OE samples and/or company’s data systems. 
• Persistent consultation of trustworthy information systems to improve the internal data systems. 
• Active participation on quality incidents where data is needed to resolve a nonconformance. 
• Able to test samples to extract actual data and specifications. Disassembly of samples if required. 
• In charge to administrate a small library of product samples. 
• Daily iteration with computer and information systems. 
• Responsible for the adhering to the policies set forth by the Engineering and WAIglobal.


• High School Diploma or equivalent. 
• Automotive technician certification or strong equivalent in field experience is required. 
• Alternator and/or Starter rebuilding experience is required (>7years) 
• Read, write, and speak the English language. 
• Good verbal and written communication skills needed. 
• Windows based computer knowledge and Microsoft Office necessary.  
• Demonstrated MS Excel experience is need. 
• MS Access experience is a plus. 
• Mechanically and Electrical inclined. 
• Must be able to work with hand tools and measuring equipment. 
• Self-motivated and focused on results. 

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